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why should we and our children memorize Quran online?

why should we and our children memorize Quran online? 20 benefits

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all that exists, and may prayers of
blessings and peace be upon the messenger of Allah.
Al Haafidh as Suyootee said, “Teaching the children the Quran is a
fundamental from the fundamentals of Islam. By it the child will grow up
upon the fitrah, and the lights of wisdom will rush to their hearts before the
desires are able to settle in them and darken them with the cloudiness of
disobedience and misguidance.”

Ibn Taymiyyah said,” Concerning seeking to memorize the Quran, it has
precedence over much of what the people call knowledge, and is either
falsehood or of little benefit.”

So that the joy of the parent will be complete, they should know what is in
store for their children by knocking at his great door (the door to Quran
memorization). For indeed Allah has guaranteed and promised many fruits
(benefits and blessings) for memorizing His Book. Below is a list of 20

VIP status in this life, death, and beyond. The haafiz (the memorizer) is a
true VIP. He automatically qualifies for some roles of leadership by virtue of
being a haafiz. For example, in a prayer congregation, the one who knows
more Quran leads the prayer.
Even at the time of death you’re honoured. The haafizah is placed ahead of
the everyone else in a mass burial. At the battle of Uhud, the Prophet buried
the martyrs who had memorized the Quran in front of those who hadn’t, to
highlight their superiority.
And in the hereafter, “the one who recites the Qur’aan and learns it by heart,
will be with the noble righteous scribes”(Al-Bukhari). Also, you will have a
special intercession, a day when we are in desperate need of all the help

aah. And elevation of their status in this

possible to intercede for us with All

life and in the hereafter because of Quran memorization.
This is due to the statement of the prophet (pbuh): “Indeed Allah will elevate
some people with this book and he will degrade others with it.”(Muslim)
So congratulations to you that your son or daughter will be of those whosestatus this magnificent Quran elevates and exalts.

2. Allah intending good for your children. This is due to the statement of


3. They will be the people of Allah and His chosen ones because of Quran
memorization. This is due to the statement of the prophet, “Verily, Allah the

the prophet, “Whoever Allah intends good for He gives him the understanding

Etiquette of Reciting Qur’an

of the religion.” (Al-Bukhari). The greatest understanding of the religion is
the recitation and memorization of Allah’s book, because it is the first source
of legislation.

exalted has people from among mankind, and the people of the Quran are the
people of Allah and his chosen ones.”(Ahmed and An Nisai). This Hadith was
graded authentic by Sheikh Al Albaanee in Sahih Al Jaami As Sagheer, Vol-
1, no-2165. It was also collected by Ibn Maajah and Al Hakim. memorize Quran online

Forty years before the prophecy


In the name of of Allah the Merciful
Praise be to Allah , the Lord of the Worlds, God ‘s blessings and peace on Hadi al – Bashir, and his family and companions ..

vanity fragrant, the biography of the best land, given an inexhaustible, and the fountain of pure flowing, unquenchable from Numeirh both wanted safety and survival, it ‘s bright sun, and not bright, Meshaal Illumination, dispels the darkness of deviation, and guides the path of righteousness.

I will write about forty years of the life of the Noble Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, before his mission.

Forty years, all purity and purity.
Forty years during which instinct was spoken, and the good qualities were manifested, and the divine providence appeared in it, in the preparation of the master of the wilderness.

Forty years during which the Great was prepared for a great matter, so that those forty years would be the beginning of the change of the underworld from the darkness of unbelief and ignorance to the light of monotheism and knowledge.

Forty years of joys and sorrows, hopes and pains {And God is All-Knowing, All-Wise}.
Those forty began with:

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(1) the birth of an orphan!!

The father died before giving birth, after striving to earn a living, to be on a date with fate in the land of Yathrib, buried in one of its cemeteries!!

The rich father and husband were deposited, so that the affectionate mother would suffer the pain of giving birth, the pain of loss, and the pain of the future of an orphaned child before he left this world!!

And the zero hour comes, and the world is promising with:

(2) The birth of Muhammad – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him:

The Master of the Messengers will be born in the people of Banu Hashim, on the morning of Monday, the ninth of the month of Rabi’ al-Awwal,

in the first year of the Elephant incident, and fifty-three years before his migration, peace and blessings of God be upon him, which corresponds to the twentieth or twenty-second of April in the year (571 AD), as mentioned by some investigators.

And in another place far from that small house in which that great
man was born:

 A man stood contemplating the sky and the stars, and if the matter was different from the usual, the verse had appeared!!

All he had to do was shout out to his people:
“Oh people of the Jews!!!”
So they gathered to him and he said: “The star of Ahmad, with whom he was born on this night, has risen.”

Ahmed was born, and here he is in the arms of his mother who is breastfeeding him, and Umm Ayman and Thuwaibah are the mawla of Abu Lahab.
And the days go by…. And if the baby was in:

(3) the homes of Bani Saad:

He moved with his mother, Halima Al-Saadiyah, to nurse him in the bats of Bani Saad bin Bakr, according to the custom of Arabs to seek nurseries for their children, to strengthen their bodies, and to master the Arabic tongue from their childhood.
In those rackets, the young Muhammad grew up..
and in them he stood and walked on his feet..
and laughed and played with his young peers..
What innocence and beauty radiated from the eyes of that pure child!!
God’s prayers and peace upon him .

And in those rackets he grazing sheep, and walked behind them and led them with his brothers from the suckling.
Days pass by the shepherds of young sheep, and the little one is four years old,

and while he is playing with the boys, as he is crying and lying down from two men wearing white clothes, so that the caller goes out to his mother with a cry of terror and fear: Muhammad has been killed!!!”.

(4)Clefting the chest:

the two men laid him down, then took out a black leech from him and threw it, so the devil’s fortunes ended from him, then they washed his heart in a bowl of gold with Zamzam water, then put his heart back in its place, so the little boy came to the people while he was soaked in color.

. Anas, may God be pleased with him, says: (I could see the trace of that stitched on his chest).
When Halima saw this: she was afraid that something might happen to the little one.

(5) return him to his kind mother:

So the youngster returned to his mother’s arms, taking care of him and taking care of him, and he was with her until he was six years old,to move Amna’s affection and longing to where the husband died and the family resides.

Between Yathrib and Mecca:

The mounts stopped in a place that carries with it a memory that is still stuck in the memory of the beloved even after the prophecy.

One day he passed by a grave, so he reached it and sat down, and the people sat around him, so he started moving his head like an interlocutor – as narrated by Buraidah, may God be pleased with him – and then he wept without tears. He was crying before, so Omar greeted him and said:

O Messenger of God, what makes you cry?
He said:

(This is the tomb of Amina bint Wahb)!!
The mounts stopped in a place called Al-Abwa, so that the little one would have a new date with the orphan, and Amna would be taken from him, and he would hide in his eyes, so that the child would move crying to:

(6) His grandfather Abdul Muttalib:

The little one in pain returned to the kind grandfather, who was very tender to him.

He did not leave him alone, but put him before his children and sons.

Abd al-Muttalib has a bed on which no one else can sit, out of respect for him, so Muhammad al-Saghir was the only one who was permitted to sit down, so the children and sons would come to take him away, so the grandfather would say:
“Leave him, by God, this is a matter”!!!

Days pass by and the little one reaches eight years of age, to be on a new date with the pain.

So here is Abd al-Muttalib, buried, to be his last will, that the youngest be with:

(7) His uncle Abu Talib:

so heraised the orphan to the fullest, joined him to his sons and presented him to them, and singled him out with more respect and appreciation.

And the days pass…

and lean years come upon the Quraysh, the land is fertile, and the people are almost destroyed by it, so the people spent the night in poverty, and the Quraysh only asked their master, Abu Talib, to water for them, so it was:


(8) White clouds watered. his face:

Abu Talib went out for rain, and the sky was full of thunder!! With him was the young boy – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – and his sons, so Abu Talib took the young orphan boy – remembering the words of Abdul Muttalib:

(By God, this is a matter)!! So he attached his back to the Kaaba and used to pray for rain.

So the clouds came from all sides, and the sky exploded with rainy water, so Abu Talib said:
And the clouds are white on his face — the dung of orphans is a protection for widows and

days pass… The Holy Prophet is twelve years old, and in a hot summer the chariots of Quraysh moved towards Sham, so the story was:

(9) Buhairi the monk:

Journeyed Abu Talib Bakovernm and with Muhammad – peace be upon him -, and when he arrived at the Bosra people to rest came down, went out to them Kneen was not his habit of going out to them, Vattakalam even came to the little boy and took his hand and said:

This is the master of the Worlds !! This is the messenger of the Lord of the worlds!! God sends this as a mercy to the worlds!! .
Abu Talib and the elders of Quraish said: What did you know about that?

He said: When you approached Aqaba, there was no stone or tree left but fell down in prostration, and they did not prostrate except to a prophet, and I know him by the seal of prophecy lower than the cartilage of his shoulder like an apple, and we find it in our books.”

Then he asked Abu Talib not to take him to Syria for fear of him from The Romans and the Jews, Abu Talib returned him with two boys to Mecca.

The days go by… The Holy Prophet grew up, and he had no specific job in his early youth. But the narrations came and went on that his occupation was:

(10) Shepherding sheep:

He used to walk all day long behind the sheep, and he kept them in Bani Sa’ad at first, then in Mecca on karats for its people.

A profession like this requires honesty and longevity, and therefore:

(There is no prophet who does not herd sheep), and perhaps that – and God knows best – because the image of the herd is similar to the movement of the masses of nations, and the shepherd is a leader that requires him to search for fertile and safe places, as is required This is protection and guarding for what may be in the way of the traffic convoy.

There is no cruelty and follow-up in this profession, but it produces a kind heart, and the situation of the shepherds is the best evidence of that.

Away from work and its worries, and away from the drudgery of searching for a living, we stand with:

(11) The temper of the soul of Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him:

The Noble Prophet tells us about himself at that time and says:
(I was not interested in anything that the people of the pre-Islamic period were concerned about from women, except nights, both of which Asmani God of them,

I said the night for some boys Mecca – we take care of the sheep of our people – I said to my friend: I see me , my flock even enter Mecca, Rosamar them as nails boys. He said: Yes.

so I entered even if I came the first house of the role of Mecca heard They played with sieves and flutes, so I said:
What is that ? It was said: So-and-so married So-and-so. So I sat and watched, and God hit my ear.

By God, he only woke me up by the touch of the sun. So I went back to my friend, and he said: What did you do? I said: I didn’t do anything, then I told him what I saw.

Then I said to him the other night: See my sheep for me until I am brown in Mecca.

So he did, so I entered, and when I came to Makkah, I heard the same as what I heard that night, so I asked. It was said: So-and-so got married to So-and-so, so I sat and watched, and God struck my ear.

By God, he only woke me up by the touch of the sun, so I went back to my friend and said:

What did you do? I said: Nothing, then I told him the news, by God, I did not care or return after that for anything, until God honored me with his prophethood.

It is the divine care, standing to prevent him from these impulses, and therefore it came in the report:

(My Lord disciplined me, and He disciplined me well.)
And the days pass… until the Holy Prophet reached twenty years of age, to witness a war that took place in the forbidden month, so it is called:

(12) The Fajr War:

That war took place in the Okaz market between Quraysh with them and Kinana and between Qais Ailan, so the people lined up and a fierce war took place, and the Holy Prophet was preparing Nobility for shooting, and killing a lot on both sides,

until wise people saw that putting the burdens of war and convention is better than epic, so they destroyed what was between them of enmity and evil, and as a result of that happened:

(13) Alliance Al-Fudul:

It is an oath of goodness and justice, tribes of Quraysh joined it in Dhu’l-Qa’dah, and their meeting was in the house of Abdullah bin Jadaan al-Taymi,

so they made a pact and contracted that they would not find in Makkah the oppressed of its people and others of the rest of the people except that they rose with him, and the honorable Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – witnessed this oath The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said about him after God honored him with prophethood:

(I witnessed in the house of Abdullah bin Jadaan an oath that I would love to have red camels, and if he was called upon in Islam, I would have answered).

There is no wonder in that, for he is the prophet of justice and mercy
… The days go by… The Noble Prophet is twenty-five years old, to go out to:

(14) Sham trade:

And that was in the money of Khadija bint Khuwaylid, after she heard the news of the honest and trustworthy, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and she made a servant for her who was called Maysarah.

The Holy Prophet went to Levant, then he soon returned to Mecca, and Khadija saw in her money of trust and blessing that she had not seen before, and Maisarah told her about what he saw of the condition of the truthful and trustworthy person, and she only sought to have the news spread throughout Mecca:

(15) Muhammad – may God bless him and grant him peace – the husband of Khadija – may God be pleased with her -!!

And that after the Quraysh masters presented it to her, and their reluctance was the answer.

Then when she saw what she saw after that blessed trade, she resolved to announce her intention to her friend: Nafisa bint Munabbih.

She, in turn, mentioned that to the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace.

My assumption is that, except that Khadija’s father tried in vain to stand up to this auspicious marriage, but Khadija’s trick was a final judge in the matter, so what did Khadija do?

Ibn Abbas, may God be pleased with them both, relates this to us, saying:

The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, mentioned Khadija – and her father wanted him to marry him – so I made food and drink, so she called her father and a group of Quraish, and they ate and drank until they got drunk.

Khadija said to her father: Muhammad bin Abdullah is engaged to me, so he married me to him. So he married her to him.

So I created him and dressed him – as they used to do with fathers – so when his drunkenness left him, he looked and saw that he was dressed and wearing a suit, and he said: What is this about me? Khadija said: I married Muhammad bin Abdullah.

He said: Marry an orphan Abi Talib!? Are you ashamed?! You want to degrade yourself in front of the Quraysh, telling people that you were drunk!! You did not stop with it until he was satisfied.”
The honorable and honorable marry,

and days and years pass by in that quiet, beautiful house, and he provides for her children, and the Noble Prophet entertains the guest, helps the anxious, helps the oppressed, and is in need of his family..
Mecca is washed away by a torrential stream and descends to the house, cracking its walls until it is about to fall and collapse, so I agreed The tribes of Quraish on:


(16) Rebuilding the Kaaba:

And the Quraysh build the Kaaba with a condition preceded by: “Nothing should be included in its construction except what is good, and no dowry for a tyrant, nor sale of usury, nor injustice to any of the people shall enter into its construction.”

The Holy Prophet, who is thirty-five years old, participates in the construction, and carries stones from the valley, participating with his people in such a great event.

The building rises, and the house returns to its majesty and prestige, and when the building reached the place of the Black Stone, a dispute arose, and the people quarreled over the honor of placing the Black Stone for four or five nights, until the situation almost turned into a fierce war!!

However, Abu Umayyah ibn al-Mughirah al-Makhzumi offered them to judge in the disputes between them, the first one entering them from the door of the mosque. The people wanted it.

So if Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib is that inside.

The people shouted: We are satisfied with the trustworthy.
So he, peace and blessings be upon him, asked for a robe, so he placed the stone in the middle of it, and he asked the heads of the quarreling tribes to hold all of the ends of that robe, and he commanded them to raise it, so that if they brought it to its place, he took it by his hand and put it in its place.

The people assumed that, and a conflict ended, the blood of which almost reached the knees!!

Days pass… And the estrangement of the Noble Prophet increases day by day, his faces he knows, and situations he denies, he was silent for a long time, filled with contemplation and contemplation.

So the people withdrew when he saw the foolishness of their dreams and the foolishness of their minds. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, did not attend a feast of idols, did not witness a celebration at an idol,

did not swear by means of worship, did not draw near to a consolation, did not drink wine, and did not eat slaughtered on a monument, so he hated all of that. His master,
Zaid bin Haritha, may God be pleased with him, says:

“…by the one who honored him and revealed the book to him, he would not receive an idol until God honored him with the one who honored him and revealed to him.”

He, peace and blessings be upon him, was united in the religion of Ibrahim Al-Khalil, peace be upon him.

Al-Sadiq Al-Amin collected from the descriptions and characteristics that made his love not limited to humans, but rather to stones and trees, he says, peace and blessings be upon him, after God honored him with the message:

(I know a stone in Mecca that used to greet me before I was sent)!! .
God’s prayers and peace upon him .

Days passed… until a new phase of his life, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, began, and he saw the vision and then did not wait until he saw it as a reality witnessed before him, and that was the beginning of the glad tidings of the prophecy,

the message, and the election, to be the real beginning in the cave with {Read in the name of your Lord who created}.

And the herald calls out in the corners of the globe: Indeed, Muhammad has been resurrected!!

If the hands of years and years have ticked forty!!
God’s prayers and peace upon him …

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